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What’s Right with You?

By Regina Huber Have you ever felt like something’s wrong with you? Innumerous times, we’ve been told or made believe that we are weird, we don’t fit in, and therefore, something’s obviously…

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Redefining failure: key things entrepreneurs must note

“I distinguish between the concept that “I failed” and “there was a failure.” I don’t do so to remove blame or ignore my own shortcomings, but rather to acknowledge that almost any…

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Learning from CEO’s of start-ups that solve global challenges: Silicon Valley style

Every entrepreneur no matter where they find themselves across the globe dreams of the Silicon Valley, some have this at the back of their mind when they even design products “the desire…

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A good board of directors matter: Expert tips for growing a startup

By: Natalie Nkembuh  I believe that coaching is critical for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is challenging and can often times feel extremely overwhelming, especially for new business owners. Coaches bring wisdom and experience to…

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