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Just Eat battle ends with Takeaway.com as victor

Online food ordering company Takeaway.com has won the battle for the UK-listed Just Eat with a £5.9 bn all-share offer. The deal will create one of the world’s largest meal delivery companies….

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African Startups Raised $1.34 Billion In 2019

By: Natalie Nkembuh African startups attracted a record high of $1.34 billion in venture capital during 2019, with fintech seeing $678.73 million alone, according to WeeTracker. Its Decoding Venture Investments In Africa…

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BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES: Expert tips on how to take your business from point A to point B

By: Natalie Nkembuh In today’s competitive market, knowing what to do at each stage of your business keeps you ahead of your competitors by ensuring that you predict market changes even before…

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Work Smart or working hard: making money as a drive to business success

By: Natalie Nkembuh Every entrepreneur is driven by something, it could be money, passion, social impact, personal interest and what have you. What motivates us will most times determine the amount of…

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Important facts everyone must know about Bitcoin

Even more so than its run-up in price, a lot has been made of bitcoin’s primary gift to the world: the blockchain. From the notoriously consumer product’s risk averse banking industry to…

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