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From Waste to Valued Assets: Irene Muja tells us how it all started

Up on our series-profiling Africa’s future this week we have Irene Muja Irene Muja is an International Business and Project Management Student at Tanzania Institute of Project Management (TIPM); Youth Activist, Social…

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A mentor of Mentors, Rollin Foko shares his journey

New in our BEEA summit series “Profiling Africa’s future” we have; Rollin FOKO, a Business Plan Specialist with M2B Conseils in Douala, Cameroon. He is a Business Plan specialist with 21 years…

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Launching and scaling your brand in a crowded market: Ndeye Fatou tells her story

Second in our series “profiling Africa’s future”  ahead  the BEEA summit in June 2019 is an exceptional young lady from The Gambia. Ndeye Fatou Njie is a graduate of Marina International School…

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Africa could hold key to Irish export survival

The two themes of the hashtag Africa hashtag#Ireland Economic Forum — hashtag agribusiness and hashtag women in business — resonated with the wide range of African and Irish businesses which gathered in…

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Seoul Government Plans $100 Million Investment into Blockchain to Build a Smart City

  During his nine-day-long visit to Europe, Park Won-soon, mayor of Seoul, revealed that the South Korean capital is planning to implement blockchain technology across a number of key areas in the…

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What’s Right with You?

By Regina Huber Have you ever felt like something’s wrong with you? Innumerous times, we’ve been told or made believe that we are weird, we don’t fit in, and therefore, something’s obviously…

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Redefining failure: key things entrepreneurs must note

“I distinguish between the concept that “I failed” and “there was a failure.” I don’t do so to remove blame or ignore my own shortcomings, but rather to acknowledge that almost any…

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Bitcoin, a financial/economic miracle or a false?

What is the difference between crypto currencies and traditional money? Crypto currency is called internet money. What it really is, well, they are tokens to be used on a suite of technologies…

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What personal branding isn’t suppose to be

People have diverse views when it comes to personal branding. I really have no issue with their views no matter what they are. I think personal branding is too important to be…

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Learning from CEO’s of start-ups that solve global challenges: Silicon Valley style

Every entrepreneur no matter where they find themselves across the globe dreams of the Silicon Valley, some have this at the back of their mind when they even design products “the desire…

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