Way Forward for the AFCFTA Post COVID-19

By Natalie Nkembuh “The first thing I would do is put a succession plan in place to remove all of  the elderly executives who are in charge of the African Free Trade…

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Ethiopia seemingly taking control of the River Nile

Ethiopia’s very big dam The Nile River Basin extends to 11 African countries, but Egypt — one of the oldest civilizations in the world — has controlled the river and used the lion’s…

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Iran plane downing: Canadian PM promises ‘justice’ at memorial

Mr Trudeau spoke in Edmonton, Alberta at a vigil for the 57 Canadians killed in the disaster. The PM promised to pursue answers from Iran, which admitted its military shot down the…

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Report: White House Has Asked North Korea To Resume Negotiations

 After months of stalled negotiations, the Trump administration has reached out to North Korea to resume nuclear negotiations, Axios reported Sunday. In an interview with Axios, National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien said, “We’ve reached out…

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Corporate Leadership patterns that make the difference: Secrets to business success

Corporate leadership: women leaders at the negotiation table “know what others think,” beyond the words they speak. By: Regina Huber The success of every venture depends on certain key factors one of…

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