The Service Industry: What business has been like

By Natalie Nkembuh “We were handling a total of 40 files 1,5 month ago… and now only have 2 Around 30% of all contracts are cancelled, 30% delayed until September and 30%…

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Cameroonian Born Bako Ambianda Tops Forbes 30 Under 30 2020 List

International Development Expert, Author, Speaker, Advisor, Philanthropist, and Global African Entrepreneur, he has received several international recognitions including his appearance on the list of 100 Most Influencial People of African Descend. At…

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Exploiting investment opportunities in Africa: Expert perspective

Olutoyin is the Founding Partner/CEO at InVcap-an African-focused Investment firm in Nigeria and Canada. InVcap recently completed the 1st phase of, a WaterPark located at Ikogosi Ekiti, Southwest Nigeria. InVcap is…

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From Waste to Valued Assets: Irene Muja tells us how it all started

Up on our series-profiling Africa’s future this week we have Irene Muja Irene Muja is an International Business and Project Management Student at Tanzania Institute of Project Management (TIPM); Youth Activist, Social…

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A mentor of Mentors, Rollin Foko shares his journey

New in our BEEA summit series “Profiling Africa’s future” we have; Rollin FOKO, a Business Plan Specialist with M2B Conseils in Douala, Cameroon. He is a Business Plan specialist with 21 years…

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Launching and scaling your brand in a crowded market: Ndeye Fatou tells her story

Second in our series “profiling Africa’s future”  ahead  the BEEA summit in June 2019 is an exceptional young lady from The Gambia. Ndeye Fatou Njie is a graduate of Marina International School…

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Rising above all odds: Malick Jarju’s entrepreneurial journey

In this interview series with entrepreneurs leading up to the BEEA summit in 2019, Malick M. Jarju’s, a 38 years old Gambian, single with a BA in Financial Administration shares his challenging…

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Christain Penda Ekoka gives expert advice to young people

“Act, the responsibility to change your very own destiny is in your hands, do not wait for a third party to do it for you.” Christian Penda Ekoka (65 years) is a…

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Serial Entrepreneur Shares His Success Story

Fritz Ekwoge Ekwoge hails from the South West Region of Cameroon. He is one of the outstanding technology engineers Cameroon has known. He began his journey with his friend’s TI-82 calculator using…

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Cameroonian Based Video Game Company Uncovers An Ongoing Project

Michel Nkuindija is a Cameroonian by nationality with a great passion for what he does. His inspiration to walk down this path came from African tales and legends that grew his imagination…

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