Using Google Analytics to transform data into actionable insights

With Google Analytics and many other analytics tools that exist on the internet, collecting data for your business/organization has never been made so easy as it is now. The truth remains, collecting…

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Unicorns Vs Impact: do Unicorns really have their place?

  Over the past weeks, several Africa-centric “Funding Reports” have been released detailing the activity of continental investors in 2021 and early 2022. While fundraising totals may differ, all agree on which…

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Rwanda: Concrete steps towards the adoption of a Startup Act

An action that follows in the footsteps of Tunisia and most recently Senegal (both of which have adopted similar legislation). The Rwandan government has called upon Innovation for Policy Foundation (i4Policy); the…

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Huawei Targets Apple, Google (And Tesla) in an intersection of AI, 5G and IoT automation.

The Chinese Giant, Huawei’s loss of Google and it’s underlying services has forced them down the path of Apple, an leading device manufacturer with its own app ecosystem, mobile services framework and…

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