A Quick Round up of Africa Fundraising 21/01/22

By: Mathew Marsden African start-ups keep making hitting remarkable records with 8 phenomenal rounds across the continent this past week – with a MEGA series D out of Nigeria! But first, fascinating…

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Silvr raises €130M in Series A to support the growth of digital companies

By: Natalie Nkembuh   Silvr’s recent €130M in Series A raise was done with the participation of key investors XAnge, Otium Capital, Bpifrance Digital Venture, Eurazeo, ISAI and business angels Alexandre Prot and Steve Anavi (co-founders of Qonto), Raphaël Vullierme (co-founder of Luko), Louis Chatriot (co-founder…

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Making a difference. How Senegal became a start-up nation

  By: David Van Dijk Startup funding in Senegal has been making the headlines lately. And for the right reasons. With $222m raised in 2021, the country ranks 5 on the continent,…

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Unicorns Vs Impact: do Unicorns really have their place?

  Over the past weeks, several Africa-centric “Funding Reports” have been released detailing the activity of continental investors in 2021 and early 2022. While fundraising totals may differ, all agree on which…

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Africa Fundraising Roundup January 7th 2022

  By Mathew Marsden 11 exciting rounds across the continent this week – 5 out of Nigeria and 3 from Kenya. Several Africa-centric “Funding Reports” have been released in recent weeks, detailing…

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What’s going on in the African startup, tech and investment ecosystem

  By: Anthony William Catt Here are a few announcements, opportunities & resources worth checking out #14 SPOTLIGHT Is African TV & Movie content about to take centre stage? Global streamers like…

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“COVID Era”: A Time Africa Needs International Support More than ever-IMF

By Magnus Ful Containing the current crisis and re-triggering economies presents to be at the helm of IMFs priorities since the past “pandemic-months”, especially to poor regions like sub-Saharan Africa and Asia….

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Launching a funding round:What you need to know

The promise of big, easy and fast money to build business ideas has inspired countless entrepreneurs to throw their hats in the ring to try and get their share, and make their…

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African Startups Raised $1.34 Billion In 2019

By: Natalie Nkembuh African startups attracted a record high of $1.34 billion in venture capital during 2019, with fintech seeing $678.73 million alone, according to WeeTracker. Its Decoding Venture Investments In Africa…

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The future of investments in Africa: Takeaway from MEST Africa Summit 2019

Amid sponsor-led workshops designed specifically for entrepreneurs and developers, day two featured a panel discussion facilitated by Teresa Mbagaya (Investment Principal at the Omidyar Network) on ‘the Investors’ Perspective.’ Six key players in the African investment…

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