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Getting started with Mobile Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in a few steps

Did you know the majority of people who visit your website do so on mobile devices? Making sure your website is mobile-friendly can make a whole lot of difference. Having a good…

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How to Master Search Engine Marketing in a few steps

Starting up with SEM could be tricky sometimes but if you master a few technics, this could be much easier than you thought. SEM Presentation_compressed

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Silvr raises €130M in Series A to support the growth of digital companies

By: Natalie Nkembuh   Silvr’s recent €130M in Series A raise was done with the participation of key investors XAnge, Otium Capital, Bpifrance Digital Venture, Eurazeo, ISAI and business angels Alexandre Prot and Steve Anavi (co-founders of Qonto), Raphaël Vullierme (co-founder of Luko), Louis Chatriot (co-founder…

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Launching a funding round:What you need to know

The promise of big, easy and fast money to build business ideas has inspired countless entrepreneurs to throw their hats in the ring to try and get their share, and make their…

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Craft Emails that are Read and Get Results

By Rebecca Klein Scott and Keith Scott You have a few moments to play email catch up before dashing into your next meeting. If you have to keep scrolling to search for…

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The future of investments in Africa: Takeaway from MEST Africa Summit 2019

Amid sponsor-led workshops designed specifically for entrepreneurs and developers, day two featured a panel discussion facilitated by Teresa Mbagaya (Investment Principal at the Omidyar Network) on ‘the Investors’ Perspective.’ Six key players in the African investment…

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Venturing with a vision of the future in sight: expert answers to key questions on the future of your startup

1.      What is the principal secret to develop long term client relationships? I think the vast majority of us when we meet people, and when we basically network with people, we are…

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Belonging to a community is critical for entrepreneurial success: this is why

Entrepreneurs often begin their journey as lonely people, taking every risk on their own and fighting hard to figure out solutions to all their problems on their own. With the increase phenomena…

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Why you should care about customer relationship: Expert tips to achieve business growth

Every business venture no matter how small  has a prime target to scale and to get basic returns on investment. In most parts of the world today, companies engage the services of…

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Seven critical growth hacks entrepreneurs should know: Expert tips on work-life effectiveness

Entrepreneurship is directly interpreted for hard work, sleepless nights, concentration, and what have you. For this reason, it has become increasingly difficult to strike a balance between time spent in building a…

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