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Women Empowerment Report Launch event

Reshaping the African perspective of Women empowerment

Our intention during this event is for women and men to share their opinion on how far Africans have adapted to the concept of Women’s empowerment and other related concepts like feminism and gender equality.

Women empowerment has since been perceived as a gateway to achieving gender equality at all levels- through the concept is perceived differently by varied schools of thought and scholars have over time proposed different models to facilitate the empowerment of women. A few years ago, the average African man translated the word women empowerment to mean teaching women to disrespect men/ their husbands. With time, this perception has gradually changed among the younger generation of men who are beginning to understand what women’s empowerment could imply. However, there is still a greater percentage of men and even women who interchange women empowerment for feminism.

Initiating this discussion does not in any way mean all previous efforts at empowering women and the girl child have failed, on the contrary, these efforts have contributed greatly towards building a new breed of women, especially in Africa who increasingly work towards the realization of their goals. We believe that this additional perspective could help to enhance the process and ensure a new paradigm shift in the way women get involved in society, especially at the formal level.

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