Virtual Solar Entrepreneurship Training 2022

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About this event

The Virtual Solar Entrepreneurship Training will provide vital information for aspiring solar entrepreneurs on how to start and grow a solar business, create solutions that will solve energy problems, expand the existing solar business, and in-depth look into Solar Energy.

To ensure a high-quality training event, the training is limited to a few delegates and will be taught by experienced industry professionals. In the last five years, opportunities have increased drastically for the renewable energy industry. Globally, up to 330 Billion Dollars have been invested into the sector (IRENA) for the development of solar power plants that will deliver clean electricity.

In the Virtual Solar Entrepreneurship Training, we shall take the participants through the vast industry of Solar energy technology, the opportunities therein, how exactly to create electricity solutions using different applications of solar, funding, and financing opportunities among others.

Theme: Creating Dynamic Solarpreneurs and Improving the Clean Economy of the Future

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