Silvr raises €130M in Series A to support the growth of digital companies

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Silvr CEO

By: Natalie Nkembuh


Silvr’s recent €130M in Series A raise was done with the participation of key investors XAngeOtium CapitalBpifrance Digital VentureEurazeoISAI and business angels Alexandre Prot and Steve Anavi (co-founders of Qonto), Raphaël Vullierme (co-founder of Luko), Louis Chatriot (co-founder of Alma), and Pierre Dutaret (co-founder of Libeo).

“This round of fundraising comes at a key point in our development, making Silvr the European leader in Revenue Based Financing. After providing support to over 100 entrepreneurs in barely 1 year, we want to continue to grow in France and expand internationally, create our own debt fund, and form strategic partnerships with the banking sector in 2022. We never thought it would all come together so fast! Our dream has become a reality thanks to you: the entrepreneurs who trust us, the investors who believe in what we’re doing, and everyone who has been following us from day one.”

Silvr’s mission is to give those who create companies with a great future the means to succeed no matter how ingenious their idea.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at generating your first profits. Sometimes you lack the funding, and the opportunity to scale up. By creating the most founder-friendly financing solution possible, we make sure that entrepreneurs can easily access funds to accelerate their growth without paying heavy counterparties.  Our teams have developed a unique platform that adapts to all digital business models (SaaS, subscription model, e-commerce, mobile applications) and gives us the ability to evaluate companies’ performance in real time and grant them financing within 24 hours.”

Cyril Betrand, Managing Partner XAnge (one of the investors) said in a statement,

“Investing in a team like Silvr feels like fuelling the tank of a Formula 1. Nima Karimi and his team drive ridiculously fast and don’t stop at the French border control.”

This could only mean one thing, Silvr was able to make it this far not just because of their value proposition but also because of their team. A good lesson for young start-ups looking to fundraise.

To reiterate this point, Michael Diguet Co-Founder & CEO of Algoan adds in reaction to Silvr’s series A raise:

“Another milestone reached with an impressive raised amount! I’m proud to have seen the growth of the company and the quality of execution of the team from the inside and from the beginning. And when you’ve had the chance to see it, you cannot doubt that Silvr will go very far. This is just the beginning.” 

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