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Anthony William Catt


By: Anthony William Catt

Here are a few announcements, opportunities & resources worth checking out #14


Is African TV & Movie content about to take centre stage? Global streamers like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus are finally starting to invest in African content. Thanks to Marie Lora-Mungai for sharing the article, “a comprehensive article by The The Hollywood Reporter about the gold rush that is underway.” Investment is not just exploding in tech startups, it’s covering the entire continental landscape.


Revenue to be celebrated more than investment via TechNext.ng.
African Funding & Opportunities 101 by Nairobi Garage.
VC Lab gives its top 5 Tips to launch a VC firm in 2022
QED Investors appoints Gbenga Ajayi as partner to focus on Africa.
Check Mathew Marsden’s weekly Africa Fundraising Roundup Post!


Briter are hiring a Research Analyst in Lagos, Nigeria.
Future Africa are hiring a Product manager in Lagos, Nigeria.
Wimbart are hiring a PR Account Exec in London.
Accion are hiring an Analyst for its Venture Lab (Africa).
Seedstars are offering a remote VC Analyst Internship.


📅 25th – 27th (This Week): African Angel Academy is hosting its first Startup Showcase of 2022. 15 startups from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa will be selected to showcase for investment in three regional events this week. Big opportunity to invest and network with Angels and VCs.

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Finally, something to listen to this week…

This week no specific podcast episode to spotlight, but we are looking at The Flip Africa podcast announcement of its new fund The Flip Capital, where founder Justin Norman is looking to write 10-15 angel checks and create a vehicle for others to do the same. Shows the power of the creator brand and platform to allow them to branch out and create new monetization vehicles. Read more to find out the approach and opportunities to co-invest.

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