Cameroon: HUAWEI to Provide Professional Internship, Promote ICT Talents

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By Annie Babelle Odounlami

Huawei- Photo Credit: Journal du Camerun

Cameroon’s General Manager, of the Chinese Hi-tech giant HUAWEI, Du Yin has announced that the company will eventually provide 20 professional internship opportunities for HUAWEI ICT Academy solely for certified students for the current year.

The 5th edition of Cameroon HUAWEI scholarship programme dubbed “Seeds for the future 2020”will be held in a bid to promote young ICT talents  as excellent candidates will be recommended to the latter’s partners and customers together with HUAWEI branches in other countries.

The online opportunity will be lead by a long distance in September in Cameroon’s political capital, Yaounde despite the struggle to contain the COVID-19. Thus, 10 HUAWEI Academy certified students will be selected from all regions of the country as the programming envisages a double recruitment fair in July.

“HUAWEI is programming g a double-will recruitment fair in July, mainly oriented to the ICT talents in Cameroon. Considering the impact of COVID-19, the recruitment will be held online,” said Du Yin.

Going by future endeavours of HUAWEI ICT Talent project in Cameroon, Cameroonian Nationals are however encouraged

to get involved in both online and offline studies in the HUAWEI ICT Academy. To this, the company will issue them related certificates after they complete the required study and test.

Also, working as a strategic partner of Cameroon and following strategic agreement in the field of ICT between Cameroon and HUAWEI. Outstanding students will be sent to China for further training as the “seeds for the future” where they will attend the global ICT competition.

“In addition, we are going to involve more teachers and students to join HUAWEI ICT Academy and encourage the employer of telecommunications companies to join us to create more job opportunity to the students,” HUAWEI Cameroon’s General Manager added.

The concept of HUAWEI “Learn on” programme aims to promote a world where everyone will have equal access to technologies. The company holds that, people find it difficult to go to classrooms or attend field trainings due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, the Chinese telecommunications company highlighted that, “according to statistics, more than 1.5 billion students in the world are affected Ted by the COVID-19. Therefore, HUAWEI uses its technologies to bring the classroom online. Up to now.”

Moreover, more than 130 MOOC online training resources have been provided online free of charge, covering advanced technical fields like Artificial Intelligence, AI, big data, 5G, as well as Internet of Things, IoT. In this wise, more than 1500 teachers have been provided to run  for a time frame of April to December 2020 with more than 1500 teachers expected to receive training.

It should be noted that HUAWEI “Learn on” programme was highly spoken and recognised  by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO, with almost all countries within the Sub-region debuting their registration to the said programme.

Du Yin however called on students in Cameroon to massively register and enjoy free online education. This is because HUAWEI will always work proactively with all the  related parties to help Cameroon train as many ICT talents as possible.

HUAWEI ICT Talents therefor aims to ensure a fully connected and intelligent world with more than 194,000 employees operating in more than 170 countries and regions, thereby serving more than three billion people worldwide.

Established in 1987,HUAWEI ICT Talents is a non-commercial partnership project between the company and universities around the world. HUAWEI provides for related ICT technology training courses for students to enable them master the latest techniques in a bid to change lives and promote a better world.

Following the institution’s partnership with universities, that HUAWEI has cooperated with 600 plus universities worldwide and educated more than 45,000 students on a yearly basis. With respect to Cameroon, HUAWEI ICT Academy was set with four excellent universities which are; SUP’PTIC, University of Yaounde I, University of Douala and Douala IUC College.

Therefore, more than 1,000 students have taken part in the training course while dozens of teachers have passed the certificates of HUAWEI ICT Academy which permit them teach students. It is worth recalling that, the Douala University squad won the championship of the first HUAWEI ICT competition. However, they will fly to China after the pandemic to represent Cameroon at the African Regional Final of HUAWEI ICT competition.

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